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Gordon MacGregor

A well respected and professional Chef, who is consistently acknowledged for his dedication and passion of food.


A love for fine dining is reflected in Gordon’s combination of flavours and the food he prepares. The love and art that goes into every dish has a story and behind that story is the master of his own creations, Gordon MacGregor.


Many people have experienced Gordon’s dining, from award winning restaurants around the world - such as Scotlands Restaurant Andrew Fairlies and Mornington Peninsula's Ten Minutes by Tractor

As a Scottish trained Chef, Gordon values food and culture and remains connected to his roots as a proud ambassador of The Federations of Scottish Chefs.

Cooking Demonstrations & Consultancy 

Gordon is now available for professional cooking demonstrations and consultancy. 

Local Chef Gordon MacGregor of Entire Catering

Experienced &
Accredited Chef


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Connecting through cooking

Taking the time to really understand the food and where is comes from and we can plant the seed from a young age by simply involving them in the kitchen.

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Local Family